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The Million Dollar Speaking Business



Building a high-velocity speaking business is the pursuit for the ambitious, and you’ve found one of the few resources available to accelerate these ambitions.


1. Work hard and smart, but knowing that less than 3% of speakers achieve the goal of a million dollars per year.

2. Work with an expert who knows the path to a million dollar business from working with 40% of the world’s top 10 professional keynote speakers. Learn exactly what is working today through this training system.

The speaking business has a history of producing a handful of mega-brands, but these speakers are aging-out of the marketplace at a rapid pace. Yet, few successful professional speakers have emerged from the new generation of speakers. Why is this?

Today’s superstar speakers are not only exceptional keynote speakers. These superstars have also mastered practices to amplify their message. But how do you accomplish this on a limited budget?

This is exactly why Made for Success created a consulting practice for the professional speaker, as we field these questions from dozens of speakers each month. The consultation is led by Bryan Heathman who has worked personally with the greatest speakers in the business including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen & Chris Widener. Bryan is the author of #1 Best Seller, a book on how to achieve #1 best seller status with a book launch.

There are 2 paths to successfully launching a high-income speaking business:

The Million Dollar Speaking Business system is organized into the 4 key areas of revenue generation which includes a 2-day workshop, the Million Dollar Speaker workbook, audio resources and regularly scheduled meetings to set-up your business strategy.

I. Product Development & Funnel Strategy

The top professional speakers in the world are masters of product development. Not only are they slightly in front of hot trends in the marketplace, but they have a style of delivering product which best resonates with their target audience. We explore your keynote speech as a “product”, 14 types of book product derivatives, back-of-room sales skills and evaluate 8 methods for generating sales revenues.

II. The Million Dollar Brand

Advertising and promoting a speaking business can be futile without getting your Brand perfect. Making your speaking Brand memorable is the product of a highly coordinated effort that touches every part of your business. We will clearly establish what you represent to the marketplace and support it with a well-crafted Brand.

III. Speaker Bureau Campaign

Marketing your speaking business to Speakers Bureaus is specialized work. Learn how to structure an effective campaign to speakers bureaus, what sales technology to use and how to script your communications. Made for Success gives you access to a coveted list of North American speakers bureau contacts to kick-off this sales campaign.

IV. List Building

The timeless truth in the speaking business is “those with the largest list wins.” But the question most speakers ask is which list to build, ranging from social media to corporate contacts? By taking a close look at your brand, we can will apply your energy to build the perfect list to fuel your growth.

In the Million Dollar Speaking Business consultation, we will create a customized action plan to structure rapid revenue growth that will save you a minimum of years of trial & error in the highly unique business of speaking.

Take the next step and apply to see if your speaking business is a good fit to go to the next level.

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