Leading from the Edge of the Inside

Embracing the Heart of Business Leadership
by Jim Moats
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Book Synopsis:

With the challenges facing owners and leadership teams of privately owned companies, trying to lead can feel daunt­ing. Today's problems can often feel complex and the resources scarce. Yet the heart-felt urge to create something special remains strong.


Leading from the Edge of the Inside pro­vides a simple path to shifting your lead­ership patterns and those of your leader­ship team. It brings to light the invisible patterns that no longer serve you and offers the structure for you and your leadership team to playfully practice shifting.


As you practice the essential conversa­tions; value creation, execution, growth, leader effectiveness, management team coherence, collaboration, connec­tion and inner fluency, traction will im­prove and your ability to scale will sim­plify. More importantly, the quality of meaning you and each employee expe­rience will become measurable and leading will once again become more fun. 

About Jim Moats:

Jim Moats is the CEO of Jim Moats & Associates where his work emphasizes achieving long-term growth and sustainability for privately owned companies and the owners, executives, employees, and communities that empower them.

By Using nine specific management team conversations to understand the unresolved issues that make growth and sustainability challenging and by bringing into awareness the patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that have invisibly formed within company leadership, value creation can become limitless. 

Jim also serves as a Master Chair through Vistage International, the largest CEO membership organization in the world. He has chaired a CEO and Key Executive group for the past twenty years and has been awarded the Chair excellence award eleven years in a row. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Nebraska Omaha and was trained as an Intelligence analyst/order of battle specialist in the US Army, serving in Vietnam and Europe. 

He has served as the CEO of a software company and as the CEO of an international not-for-profit, and has served in leadership roles in three Fortune 500 companies.

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