Robert L. Poole
Robert Poole exemplifies serving. He’s a U.S. Navy veteran and a highly accomplished business professional receiving numerous achievement awards and recognition from corporations like Smiths Medical, Medtronic, Kimbery-Clark and 3M. He also co-founded three small business. In addition, he aided his community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT-Defibrillation. Robert is an aspiring author and a contributor of published articles in community and local papers.
Kendal Netmaker
Kendal Netmaker is one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs and speakers. Growing up in poverty, raised by a hard-working single mother of 4, against the backdrop of a bleak economic landscape, Kendal rose above his circumstance and became one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs. Kendal’s whole world changed when a childhood friend’s family showed immense generosity to he and his family. Their giving so inspired Kendal that his first company, Neechie gear —a lifestyle brand that empowers youth.
Joseph C. Parker
Joseph C. Parker, radio host of "Program Your Life Radio" airing in 30 countries bi-weekly. The show focuses on creating a positive media source in our negative media world. Joe is also a full-time, cyber-security expert for the U.S. Navy. After spending 25 years in high technology, Joe set out to transform the media industry with ideas gained from PSYCH-K, PSI Seminars, Andy Dooley, Bob Proctor, and Burklyn Global.
Brigham Dickinson
Brigham Dickinson is president of Power Selling Pros. His firm is dedicated to teaching companies how to create “WOW Culture” inside their organization. With their proven call-handling certification program and high customer satisfaction, Brigham’s company works with hundreds of home service companies in the United States, Canada & Australia.
Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones is an international speaker, certified coach, corporate trainer, and best-selling author of the Top 7 Personality Challenges. For over 5-years she’s been in the top 1% of salespeople for her clients in the corporate training industry and holds the record for highest sales day in the 25-year history of one of her top clients. Her perseverance, passion, and spontaneous humor stem from over 20 years as an entrepreneur, professional business owner, volunteer, and wife.
Ellie Petri, PT, RYT
Ellie Petri, PT, RYT is a Women’s Health expert in Physical Therapy. She combines her extensive physical therapy knowledge with a yoga instructor background to assist her clients. I am often referred to as the best-kept secret. I have been called a coach, cheerleader and pregnancy muscular skeletal guide book by my clients.
Todd Stottlemyre
Todd Stottlemyre, author and speaker, has a passion for coaching how to win at the highest levels in business and personal life. Todd's process demonstrates how lofty ambitions are achievable when you follow the sequential steps in his proven success system. Todd is a former major league baseball pitcher where he played for 15 seasons and participated in three World Championships.
Bob Proctor
“Seldom does a “success” book address the student’s lack of belief. However, that’s not the case here. In The Rise of the Chosen Ones, Joseph Parker reveals a powerful process to create strong self-belief. Parker reveals a complete set of tools and new psychological models for the personal development process.” ~Bob Proctor, best-selling author of You Were Born Rich
Leonide Martin
Leonide (Lennie) Martin is a retired California State University professor, former Family Nurse Practitioner, and current author and Maya researcher. Her books bring ancient Maya culture and civilization to life in stories about both real historical Mayas and fictional characters.
Patty Lou Hawks
Patty an author, speaker and is the mother of 4 amazing children. After many decades of raising a family and running her own business, she has retired from business to write. Patty is a Licensed Parenting Instructor, avid Licensed Yoga Instructor and Practitioner. She divides her time between Seattle and Maui, dabbling in professional photography, writing, hiking, swimming, golfing, and playing with her grandchildren.
Paul Adams
Ask clients, friends, colleagues and employees about Paul Adams and you’re likely to hear the same words over and over again. Integrity. Vision. Servant Leadership. Energy. Trust. Knowledge. Innovation. Achievement. Inspirational. Ethical. These are what Paul Adams brings to Sound Financial Group every day. They’re the qualities that have put him among the nation’s top financial advisers – and, at age 35, among the youngest and most dynamic as well.
David Slamp
Dr. David Slamp has earned the right to be heard. He pastored 25 years, taught in the religion departments of two Christian Universities, authored 3 books, various Bible studies, and served on the staffs as Small Group and Community Pastor in churches of up to 5,100 members!
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