About Made For Success Publishing Audiobooks:


Made for Success is one of the oldest and most respected digital audiobook publishers in North America, whose catalog of audiobooks earned one of the top 10 publishing positions with leading retailers including Audible and iTunes. Our audio products were also featured in Costco nationwide. Audiobooks produced in our studios are released as a physical CD, as libraries represent a major category of growth for audiobooks. The Made for Success Publishing audiobook catalog includes audiobooks by professional speakers like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Chris Widener and Les Brown. Current titles include audiobooks in Business, Self Help, Personal Development, Romance, Historical Fiction and Christian.

For 90% of books published on the market today, the booming audiobook marketplace represents the #1 opportunity for book discoverability. With an estimated 600,000 to 1 million books published each year, only 45,000 titles are available in audiobook form. The competition for what the book industry calls “discoverability” is much better for the author with an audiobook.

The audiobook business is the darling of the book publishing industry with impressive 37% growth the last 2 years running, and $2.1 billion per year spent on audiobooks. With this kind of popularity, audiobooks represent a lucrative source of income for authors.

If you’re new to audiobooks, here are a few important things to understand about audiobooks:

  • Most people listen to audiobooks while on-the-go, as it is easy to multitask while listening

  • The most popular places audiobooks are heard is while commuting, in the gym or while cooking

  • 25% of listeners in the US prefer audiobooks, with a marketplace of just under 9 million listeners

Unfortunately, less than 1% of all books written have been recorded as audiobooks. But it doesn’t have to be that way for your book! Our mission is to support the legacy of your writing by getting audiobooks recording and distributed worldwide to virtually every audiobook retailer.

Take the next step today and fill-out an application form to see if your book is a good fit to be published by Made for Success Publishing.

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