About Us

Made for Success Publishing, a pioneer in the digital audio book industry, began in 2005 by launching a unique audio distribution company, geared to the needs of motivational speakers.  Within 3-years Made for Success achieved “Top-10” status with Audible,  the largest digital book audio retailer.


From this base, the company invested in eBook publishing in 2009. Early in the industry's life cycle, eBook sales in the US represented less than 7% of all title sales. Being an early adopter, Made for Success developed detailed systems and a powerful team to support this fast-growing eBook publishing volume.


Next, we had an epiphany. One of our authors asked, “When are you going to start publishing 'real' books?” This lead to the addition of physical book production, using the expertise, knowledge and wide distribution platform already established.


With a unique mix of consumer marketing and sales coverage to all major North American retail accounts and our newly added International sales coverage, Made for Success provides robust support for each book.

Meet Our Team

Bryan Heathman is a sought after speaker, author, and consultant. As a full-service book publisher,  Made For Success Publishing has given the world unique works by some of the top celebrities in the Personal Development space, including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, and T. Harv Ecker. His consulting expertise comes from running hundreds of successful online promotional campaigns, starting with his brainchild iPromotions during the dot.com boom. Bryan’s techniques were forged by working with world-class marketing departments such as Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Travelocity and Nissan.

A veracious reader herself, DeeDee Heathman's love of books easily transitioned well to the publishing industry. Having taught writing for 7 years to K-High School using the Excellence in Writing method, DeeDee is able to spot a “Winner” manuscript when she sees one. Her keen eye for both the creative and technical side of writing makes her an exceptional executive editor who guides her team with a passion for each book as if it were the only one she is working on! Hailing from California she enjoys anything that can be done in the sun (except running…and biking, both of which can be done in the rain but not very enjoyably), is an avid tennis player, skier and dog lover. She now resides in Seattle, WA, Made for Success Publishing HQ.

Desiree is a digital nomad, always making opportunity out of where life takes her. She has a passion for wood burning, illustration, and spending as much time outdoors adventuring with her family as she can. Although she is from the Last Frontier (Alaska), she has spent the last five years traveling abroad, living in both Ireland and Canada. She recently made a welcome return to the states where she is currently embracing the cowboy lifestyle in Texas (y’all!), and enjoys working as a Executive Assistant and Graphic Designer for Made For Success Publishing.

Katie is a self-proclaimed “swirly” person (aka creative) with a love for reading, writing, and encouraging people. Though she might be vertically challenged and innocent looking, she’s fierce–from the age of six to twenty, she raced motocross nationally and can probably beat you in a pull-up contest. When she’s not editing or helping our authors, you can find her singing in the car, laughing obnoxiously loud, or leading worship.

Being a left-brained, athletic, methodical, hyper-active kid at heart, Tyler does not fall into normal social constructs but seems to create new categories daily. While graduating with honors from CSUN, Tyler acted in many short films all around the LA area. Having wrote, directed, and produced 3 short films of his own, he can certainly be classified as a screen junky. He also achieved his black belt in karate hapkido at the age of 18. When Tyler is not pondering the best way to increase audiobook revenue streams or how to disrupt the publishing world, he can be found on the slopes of Stevens Pass or at the park in a pick-up game of ultimate frisbee.

As an Enneagram type 7, Valerie is the quintessential busy, variety seeking type. She is spontaneous, versatile and acquisitive. As an editor at Made for Success, her unique set of skills is applied to each book to create a work of art and a story that well represents the author. As a project manager, she excels at prioritizing, simultaneously completing multiple tasks, and following through to achieve project goals. While not reading manuscripts or cracking the whip on her team to get things done, she is fusion dancing, scuba diving or finding the next abandoned building to use as her backdrop for a photo shoot.

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