A Bridge of Hope

Finding Peace in the Pain of Losing a Child
by Camilla Neff
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Book Synopsis:

A Bridge of Hope tells the heart-wrenching story of the loss of Camilla Neff’s first full-term baby girl, Serena Nadine, who died unexpectedly during delivery. With compassion and empathy for grieving parents everywhere, Neff describes the raw emotions and anguish that she faced. She shares the deeply personal journey of wading through the layers of grief and pain that engulfed her to learning to live again in a new reality after her world was shattered. 


The journey of grief, especially in losing a child, can be lonely and feel utterly hopeless. Neff’s greatest desire for bereaved mothers is that her experience will give them hope that it is possible to live a fruitful life beyond the catastrophic.


Are you walking through a deep tunnel that is so dark that you feel suffocated by the intensity of the blackness? Are your days filled with on-and-off crying that never seems to let up fully? Do you feel like there’s an actual hole in your heart, one that no temporary joy, no empathy or intended comfort can ever fill? Are you plagued with constant "what ifs?" that keep you awake late at night, deny you of much-needed sleep and peace of mind? Does it seem like the rain continues to pour, making you doubt whether the clouds will ever lift? Do you wonder how you will survive just one more day, one more hour, even one more moment, with such debilitating pain of heart, agony of the soul and torment of mind?


If you experienced significant loss and live with these emotions every day, then A Bridge of Hope may be the conduit for healing that you've been longing for.

About Camilla Neff:

When Camilla’s first baby girl, Serena, died unexpectedly during labor, her soul was crushed and her faith was challenged. But as the Lord healed her heart, He brought other bereaved mothers into her life by the dozens. It slowly became clear that He had blessed her with a message she needed to share: there is hope after such devastation.

Camilla Neff is the wife of Elliott, and blessed mother of their brood of wonderful children. Having been blessed with 11 pregnancies, she has experienced 3 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth. Camilla is grateful that the Lord has filtered these trials through His fingers of love, fulfilling His promise of bringing beauty out of ashes. Camilla lives in Seattle, spending her time nurturing and homeschooling their precious children, supporting her husband as a business owner and bringing hope and healing to others.



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