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What is an LCCN? and How do I Get One?

Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Control Number

What is an LCCN?

The Library of Congress Control number is used to uniquely identify bibliographic records in the Library of Congress’s catalog. Your LCCN provides the CIP data and is labeled “Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication” on the book’s title page. The purpose of this number is to get your book cataloged on the shelf at libraries faster (especially in this era of shrinking budgets and reduced staffing at public libraries, meaning that books that lack CIP data may sit in the back room for quite a while until somebody has time to catalog them).

How do I get one?

Your Team Leader will complete an application for your LCCN on your behalf and submit one copy of your book to the Library of Congress to be considered for cataloging.

  1. This number and accompanying data will be included on your copyrights page.
  2. A copy of your book will be sent to the Library of Congress for cataloging.
  3. You will receive a copy of your cataloging information.