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Services for Publishers

Does your company have a catalog of book titles which could use help with commercialization of book derivatives?  Here are projects Made for Success manages for other publishers:

  •   Book publisher in the UK (whose lead author has sold over 1 billion copies of her book) seeking North American retail distribution for hundreds of physical audiobooks on CD.
  •   Christian book publisher seeking ebook catalog distribution for their backlist in genre-relevant retailers.
  •   Physical book recordings of audio books, with distribution to a worldwide retail network of audio book retailers.
  •   Audio book retail distribution as physical CDs in North America.
  •   Development of standalone mobile apps in the iTunes and Android App Stores of existing ebook/audiobook assets.
  •   Customized book marketing launch strategy development with step-by-step checklist of proven marketing activities. 

What’s on your list?  Contact us to discuss how we can help monetize your backlist. Back to Publishing Services