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Book Publishing Services for Authors

Making the decision to write or publish a book is an ambitious step.  And it is an incredibly exciting journey.  Authors from around the world enjoy the unique approach to publishing books with the Made for Success Publishing team.

A Fresh Approach

With so many options, the Made for Success Publishing team organizes a myriad of factors to make your book a success.  What this means to you is that while we manage the details of your book, your time and expertise is spent on playing the bigger game.

Several factors will play a large factor in the success of your book.  It starts with an exceptional manuscript, expertly edited.  It continues with a compelling book title and cover art.  We are with you every step of the way, all the way down to details around pricing your book derivatives including ebooks, digital& physical audiobooks and more.

Book Derivatives – All in One Place

ebookeBook: eBooks are professionally designed and formatted using the same stylistic techniques, images and creative elements that are present in a physical book and then expertly distributed around the world.


bwB&W: Bookstore quality paperback or hardback. Perfect for any genre of book featuring expertly designed cover and interior to WOW your readers.


color-booksColor:  Dazzling full color interior and cover design, perfect for all types of books. Made For Success Publishing full color publishing to many book publishing formats.


mobile-appsMobile Apps: Future-Proof Your Book with the new method of reading books as a dedicated mobile app. With billions of iPhones, iPads, Kindles and Android devices in the hands of high-income readers, mobile apps for authors & speakers represents the fastest growth segment in book publishing.


draftDraft your Book-In-A-Day: Draft Your Book in a Day   was developed for you – A system designed to organize your ideas into the format of a book and work the writing into your already busy schedule. Led by publishing expert Bryan Heathman, who has published hundreds of books, ebooks and audiobooks. Bryan’s books have hit #1 on Amazon and he knows how to develop best sellers.


audioAudioBooks: Nothing sells better than a professional speaker who can motivate and inspire their audience! We publish your audiobook or content with top retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, Audible and other leading retailers using professional voice talent and editing to produce the highest quality audio product.

editorialEditing Services: Made For Success Publishing staff will ensure your manuscript is publication ready. We are experts at helping you improve and enhance the readability and quality of your published book.


Foreign Rights LicensingForeign Rights Licensing: Books published by Made for Success will be included in our efforts to translate books into foreign languages and licensed for publication. This opportunity offers significant leverage for the popularity of your book.


Book Marketing CampaignBook Marketing Campaign: Setting the course for a successful book launch is an important part of each author’s journey. Getting the strategy right is a powerful advantage and is in your grasp.


mikeDraft Your Keynote-in-a-Weekend:How do you develop a meaningful, entertaining and educational speech? Where do you start? Draft Your Keynote was developed for specifically with you in mind! Our system, designed to organize your big idea into the format of a keynote speech and work the development of your “speech product” so you can easily produce and perfect your keynote.

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