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Book Publishing Freedom

Your Book. Your Way. Complete Control.

Making the decision to publish a book is an ambitious step. And, it is an incredibly exciting journey.

Book Publishing Freedom is designed for the author and speaker who wants to play a bigger game, not just launch another book into a crowded marketplace. Made for Success authors strive to establish a national presence with their book while pursuing “best of class” status amongst their peers and within their industry.

Described as the perfect blend of a Publisher and marketing agency, Made for Success Publishing works with authors who aspire to have their books achieve best seller status in support of their speaking, consulting and marketplace awareness goals.

What makes us different? Experienced authors know that just getting a book printed is not enough due to the competitive nature of the book industry. Nor is traditional publishing necessarily the best answer due to copyright control and other restrictions imposed by traditional publishers.

Book Publishing Freedom puts the author in the driver’s seat, with an expert team at your disposal to manage the details. Here is what you can expect from the Made for Success Publishing experience:



Not every author or speaker is the right fit for Book Publishing Freedom. If you are a professional speaker or successful consultant, then odds are you’ve found the perfect company to publish your book. Find out if you qualify to become a Made for Success author by completing this application. Upon review, you will be contacted with an assessment of your application and instructions for what comes next.