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"You Tell The Story, We Tell The World"

About us

The Made For Success Journey

Made for Success Publishing is a book publisher with a unique approach to publishing book derivatives. Some say we started publishing books all backward. It all began in a coffee shop in a Seattle suburb in 2005 when Bryan Heathman had just sold his advertising agency and was planning his next entrepreneurial move.

Bryan and friend Chris Widener mapped out a plan to launch a unique audio distribution company, geared to the needs of motivational speakers. Bryan and Chris launched this audiobook publishing business and it met with instant success. The Made for Success Collection of audiobooks sold in Costco, Sam’s Club and Barnes & Noble. Within a 3-year period, Made for Success became a top 10 publisher at

From this base, the company invested in ebook publishing early in the life cycle of ebooks in 2009 when ebook sales in the US represented less than 7% of all title sales. Being an early adopter, we developed systems and a powerful team to support this fast growing ebook publishing volume. Our entry into this business caught the attention of other book publishers who use the Made for Success distribution platform to support their catalogs. Today, we have distribution with hundreds of ebook retailers worldwide and estimate our distribution reaches over 85% of the marketplace in dozens of countries.

Next, we had an epiphany. One of our authors asked “When are you going to start publishing “real” books?” This lead to a 3-year discovery process of what it takes to publish physical books successfully.

Made for Success Publishing supports each book with advertising to the book trade, a unique mix of consumer marketing and sales coverage to all major North American retail accounts as well as distribution into Canada and as of August 2016, distribution to the UK.

Made for Success Publishing focuses on publishing books in 4 categories under the following imprints:

Made for Success – Nonfiction; business and personal development
Made for Wonder – Fiction
Made for Grace – Faith
Made for Wellness – Health and Wellness


brayanBryan Heathman

Bryan Heathman is a sought after speaker, author and consultant. As a full service book publisher, his company Made For Success has given the world unique works by some of the top celebrities in the Personal Development space, including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier and T. HarvEcker. His consulting expertise comes from running hundreds of wildly successful online promotional campaigns, starting with his brain child iPromotions during the decade of the 1990s. Bryan’s techniques were forged by working with world-class marketing departments such as Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Travelocity, Lycos, Nissan, and many more.



DeeDee HeathmanDeeDee Heathman

A veracious reader herself, DeeDee’s love of books easily transitioned well to the publishing industry. Having taught writing for 7 years to K-High School using the Excellence in Writing method, DeeDee is able to spot a “Winner” manuscript when she sees one. Her keen eye for both the creative and technical side of writing makes her an exceptional executive editor who guides her team with a passion for each book as if it were the only one she is working on! Hailing from California she enjoys anything that can be done in the sun (except running…and biking, both of which can be done in the rain but not very enjoyably), is an avid tennis player, skier and dog lover. She now resides in Seattle, WA, Made for Success Publishing HQ.



Katherine-OwenKatherine Owen-Spillane

(Publisher/Marketing Strategist, GOKO Publishing ) ) As CEO of GOKO Publishing, Katherine brings her expertise in the publishing industry and combines it with a powerful team. Katherine owns and operates the Australia/New Zealand arm of Made for Success publishing and although far away from HQ, she utlizes the power of her team with incredible skill (We almost think she is superhuman). Katherine holds a Masters Degree in Marketing and Management from Macquarie University’s Graduate School of Management (MGSM) in Sydney, Australia. She loves to wine and dine with her friends in the beautiful city of Sydney and enjoys all it has to offer.


Kathy KnoxKathy Knox

Kathy thrives on the challenge of taking ‘the big idea’ and breaking it down into a manageable process. She specializes in asset management, special projects, new product development and distribution, and client relations. Her greatest joy (besides celebrating her children’s successes and failures) is helping our clients tell their story to the world and presenting them with their finished product. In her spare time, Kathy can be found at one of her kids sporting events, behind the wheel as their chauffeur, in a classroom furthering her education, or enjoying the great outdoors.



kindsi loraKindsi Lora

Kindsi approaches each book the way she approaches life – immersing herself in the experience and engaging through various perspectives. Looking through the lens of the author as well as the target audience, she meticulously refines the delivery of each manuscript and maintains the heart. Desiring to collect stories and perspectives from around the world has led her to teach English in Japan and Mozambique. Teaching abroad sparked Kindsi’s passion for the intricacies of the English language, while daily life as an outsider allowed her to master her charades game and dabble in interpretive dance-style communication techniques. Beyond gaining show-stopping gesticulations, language barriers have given her a fresh understanding of the power of fully communicating your story in a way that translates to the hearts and lives of your audience. As a 2015 graduate of Northwest University, she is excited to put her English major to work as part of the Made for Success Publishing team.


jarren-bwJarren Nesbitt

Made for Success’ “Wiz Kid”, Jarren keeps us up and running with the latest technology, systems and tools. An avid outdoorsman, soon to be pilot and all around great guy. Made for Success has built a proprietary system to take books from raw manuscript to a published book. The system is easy to follow with online tools that connect each of our authors with their editors and project managers that enables the team members to collaborate and “get the job done!



gina-dayGina Day

Gina brings her infectious smile and joy to Made for Success, fresh from the halls of the University of Washington where she is completing her accounting and MIS degree. She constantly keeps us on our toes and challenges our best practices for profitability. She is filled with ideas and a new approach to looking at our “books.” An avid skier, both water and snow, Gina is always up for an adventure!